Leanne Feliciano - Sacred Wild Woman

Imagine a place where the ancient world envelopes the Universe -- that place is where your Wild exists.   LeAnne Feliciano is a Shaman and a journey woman who will walk with you through your healing path.


Sacred Wild Woman welcomes you with arms WIDE OPEN.  Please come in and have a look around. 


Shamanic Hypnosis


The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  As we travel together Divine guidance will take us to places you are meant to see for your highest and best good.  Leave your cell phone but bring your mind's video camera.

Clearing Ancestry


Soul genetics are even more powerful than your physical ancestry.   Using techniques like Trans-personal Hypnotherapy, Earth Medicine, and Past Life clearing are like taking a broom to your DNA of ancestral karma and sweeping between the molecular spaces in your body.  We will clear the debris between you and your true inner-self.  

Earth Medicine


Earth medicine, at its core, is all about balance...getting humankind in alignment with with the biosphere.  Psychology, medicine, spirituality, agriculture, science,  architecture and planning are all up for grabs in our healing wheelhouse. 



Real recovery is a place  where there's no vacancies for old beliefs and relationships to take up residence.  Inner relocation is an option.  Through hypnosis, coaching and tangible take away tools your sacred connections will help us find a better internal neighborhood.

Intuitive Reading


The voices in our heads are often too loud to hear the whispers of our soul.  Through oracle cards, channeling, and ceremony I will listen for you and report back.  They're often very chatty...no roaming charges apply.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Shamanism is

A Shamanic state of consciousness is simply a cool place on another plain.  Which one?  We won't know until we get there.  Tools like drumming and dance circles help facilitate the voyage.  Once there  we're usually greeted with a guide that will take us to the place where your wounds  were formed so that the healing can begin.


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